Your De Ceti on-line store is open 24/7/365, so it's convenient for your customers to design signs and place orders
at any time.

With our online sign stores, you can sell all types of signs and promotional products.

Moving to an online sign store will reduce the amount of time you customers need to place orders from several days to half an hour.

We provide full web support and search engine optimization so you will only need to concentrate on dealing with customers and fulfilling orders.

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Manage Product Pages

Each product using the online design software has its own product page. You have all the tools you need to effectively manage the information on the product page, like revolution sliders, text content, SEO tags, pricing, templates, etc.

Manage Custom Products

In the admin area, we have created dozens of tools for managing your online sign store. With a few clicks, you can set prices and discounts for custom sign products. Manage materials, finishing options, printing colors, sizes, and quantities is possible with very little effort.

Manage Store Front Sliders

Our software comes with the Revolution Slider plugin, which helps your site stand out and offers more interactivity for the user. Go to the admin area to manage sliders for product pages and for the main page of the site.

Manage Custom Templates

In the admin area, you can create an unlimited number of templates for each custom product. Our system comes with a thousand templates for different custom products and you can create your own templates for your customers.

Manage Fonts & Cliparts

Our online sign design software comes with preset fonts and a clipart library. If you can't find what you need in our catalog, you can upload new fonts and cliparts. We support TTF fonts and several types of clipart.

Manage Backgrounds & Images Library

Our online design software allows your customers to add backgrounds and images to the design from a library of stock images. The admin arealets you manage these libraries to give your customers more possibilities to design unique signs.

Manage Stock Product Catalog

If you have stock sign products you would like to sell, our software comes with a catalog where you can add an unlimited number of products, apply special discounts and link these stock items to the related custom sign products.

Shopping Cart Manager

When your customer needs help with placing an order, we provide the easiest way to communicate. In the admin area, you can review all items in the shopping cart and apply a special price if it's required. You can also modify an existing design, or create a new design, and send it back to the customer to complete the order.

Sign Store Features

Sign Design Tool
Ready-to-use templates
Upload pictures
Fonts & Effects
Dynamic QR Codes


Royal Mail
Australia Post
Administrative Features
Standard eCommerce features
Visual template builder
Manage products with different sizes and parameters
Configurable pricing formula
Manage clipart gallery
Manage font library
Manage printable colors
Unlimited product catalog
User management
Order management
Quickbooks Export

Customer Support
Custom Chat
Shopping Cart admin area
Payment Links
SEO optimization
Product catalog friendly URLs
Basic on-Site optimization
Google Analytics
XML sitemap generation and submission to Google

Sales & Marketing
Social Networks
Social Login
Social Discount
Gift Vouchers