Edit Text

Our online design software allows you to create reach text messages. Apply shadow, border, blur & opacity for full-color prints and you can create different text looks. Using font preview, you can select the desired font or apply the text effects.

Add Clipart

We support several types of clipart, which you can manage from the clipart library in the admin area. You can have monochrome or multi-colored clipart, as well asspecial clipart with text information inside.

Upload Image

We support several types of file formats, which your customers will be able to upload. Image file formats like JPG, BMP, GIF and PNG will be added directly to the scene and vector files like Adobe Illustrator Ai/EPS will be uploaded on the server and converted to a raster image.

Add Image Mask

Our software supports image masking, which can be useful in the creation of birthday and anniversary banners where you need to emphasize just a part of the image. Different shapes can be added to the mask library in the admin area.

Images Library

If you have stock images that your customers use in making a sign, we have a special images library dedicated to just that. In the admin area, you can add images and your customers will be able to put them into their designs via the image library block.

Gradients & Backgrounds

Any sign requires a background to help emphasize the message. You can add image backgrounds or a color gradient.

Add QR Codes

Your customers can add QR codes and manage its content in real time.